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Natas Pastries

The Chef/Owner - Fatima Marques
The Chef Owner - Fatima Marques

The cuisine is faithful to the flavors of Portuguese classics, chef/owner Fatima Marques creates dishes that live in perfect harmony and that showcases one of the oldest and most diverse cuisines of the world.

With an established large following of Portuguese pastries aficionados, Fatima is inspired to keep producing the experience and tantalizing palates with culinary treats from her homeland.

Entering the Café, you are immediately transported to a place in Portugal. For the Café interior, Fatima found inspiration in the blue and white glazed tiles characteristic of Portugal and the rich, dark woods found in European cafes.

The large windows allow the natural light to evade this room, creating a clean environment. At night there are candles on each table and the soft lights reflected in the wall mirrors from the ceiling chandeliers creates a cozy atmosphere.

Outside, there are tables, chairs and umbrellas for customers to enjoy as they linger over dark gourmet coffee and rich hot chocolate.

Fatima Marques


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